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  • Molecular Biology


    • Restriction Enzymes
    • Fastdigest Restriction Enzymes
    • Conventional Restriction Enzymes
    • PCR, qPCR & RT
    • PCR Enzymes and Master Mixes
    • Syber Green qPCR Master Mixes
    • Probe Master Mixes
    • Reverse Transcription
    • cDNA Synthesis
    • Molecular Cloning
    • Molecular Cloning Kits,
    • Enzymes, Vector
    • Long Oligos Up To 250 mer
    Product Lines Key Applications
    GeneArt Cloning
    Lipofectamine Synthetic Biology
    Qubit PCR
    Countess II FL Stem Cell Research
    Molecular Probes Clinical Diagnostics
    Ambion Cellular Analysis
    Novex DNA Extraction
    Genome Edition
    Taq DNA Polymerase
    GeneJET PCR Purification Kit
    CloneJET PCR Cloning Kit
    GeneRuler 50 bp DNA Ladder
    Poly(A) Polymerase (cloned)